Everything you need to run your project, in one place

Teams can effortlessly create Driver Diagrams, conduct PDSA cycles, and visualise the results on SPC charts. The Model for improvement tools are seamlessly integrated to provide a platform tailored to running quality improvement projects.

Managing your QI portfolio

Whether you're getting started on your QI journey or have a well-established capability and are working at scale - Life QI forms an essential part of an organisation's QI infrastructure. A platform that enables frontline staff to easily run improvement projects, allows central QI teams to coordinate the portfolio of work, and provides senior execs the targeted information they need to make crucial decisions.

Coordinating a multi-organisation programme

Running a programme involving many organisations can be difficult. Having a single platform to bring all the people and work involved together makes it so much easier. Life QI is designed to support open collaboration across organisational boundaries. It facilitates communication and sharing amongst project teams and makes aggregating and reporting results simple.

Developing QI capability

Developing QI capability at a regional or national level requires a platform that can support the spread and application of best practice at scale. For those training people in QI, Life QI not only provides an ideal platform to facilitate training, but a means of staying connected with people outside the classroom and allowing you to support them on their QI journey.

Our Community

Used by over 700 organisations in 28 countries, Life QI is helping organisations and individuals improve health and social care in communities around the world.

Visibility of the QI projects and professionals in your country allows you to learn from and collaborate with your QI community locally and nationally.

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